Many think twice of travelling to Australia thinking it's an expensive destination. Well, it may be. The cost of living here may be quite high but that doesn't mean you cannot explore the country on a budget.


Tip One: Book Your Flight Ahead of Time


  1. Make sure you’re flying with a low-cost airline.
  2. Scout for flights at least 6-12 months ahead of your target travel date to get big discounts.
  3. Score early bird deals and pay for the fraction of a price when you’re booking with bigger airlines.

Tip Two: Pack Light

  1. This travel tip will save you time, money and effort.
  2. Checking your luggage and waiting for it at the conveyor belt isn’t always worth the trouble.
  3. Plan things you’re carrying early on and try to make everything fit in a backpack or hand carry luggage.

Tip Three: Commute by Local City Trains and Buses

  1. Australia is a large country, chances are you wouldn’t be able to visit all attractions and sites if you’re staying for a week or less.
  2. Getting around isn’t hard though, and among the cheapest ways you can do so is by hopping on local city trains for as low as 3-4 AUD one way.

Tip Four: Find some Good Accommodations

  1. Do your research in advance for the best hotels or inns.
  2. You can indulge in a comfortable place to stay even in a private room, the key is to do your research and find out about their amenities and other services.

Tip Five: Cook Your Own Food

  1. Make sure to check out food stalls where you can grab satisfying meals for as low as 10 AUD.
  2. Cook your own food and be on the look-out for free public BBQs. It’s an instant picnic in a park with locals.

Be sure to take note of these tips and enjoy your trip and look this video:


Australia Travel Guide