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How to Cut Your Wedding Budget

When it comes to planning a wedding, budget is almost always the first thing that engaged couples worry about. Getting married is not cheap. Aside from all the paper works, you must shoulder a great deal of cost associated with planning and managing the event. The cost of setting up the décor alone is already quite expensive.  This is why wedding furniture hire in Perth came into the picture to provide relief on the couples’ budget and have access to the equipment needed for the wedding at a fraction of the price.

You can get more savings on your wedding planning by using these tips:

Use a comparison chart. It is important to get down to the very last detail when comparing various suppliers for your wedding. Create a spreadsheet that will break down the list of suppliers you need and their corresponding quotation and inclusions for each package. This will enable you to do a thorough comparison that takes into account the cost but also the services that you can get with the package.

Choose your venue wisely. Most couples choose a venue based on size alone. However, you need to look at the existing aesthetic value of the space you are considering. If you choose an empty space, you will have to spend more on décor and accessories. If you can find a beautifully decorated space, go for it. You can save a great deal on decorative details at the venue!

Choose just one location. If possible, and for those who are not planning on having a church wedding, book one venue for the ceremony and reception. There are several venues that allow this type of setup. It will offer huge savings on not just booking the venue but also decorating both spaces.

Opt for simple elegance. One way to get around saving on décor for your wedding is to opt for the minimalist route. If you do not like having elaborate centerpieces on your guests’ tables, choose for a minimalistic detail. This will benefit you two ways: 1) you can create a simply elegant theme on your wedding décor and 2) it will dramatically cut down the cost of the floral arrangements on your wedding!

Utilize abundance strategy. This is a great technique that you can use to create a lot of attention to specific details in your wedding décor. For example, you can add lots of flowers into one part of the wedding venue, such as the stage or dance floor. You can also try using elaborate drapery details on the ceiling to make quite a statement.

Rent wedding furniture and equipment. Don’t buy all the items you need for decorating the venue. Use the services of a wedding furniture hire in Perth to save a ton of money on equipment or supplies you probably won’t ever use again.

If you want to save on the cost of decorating your wedding venue, choose a reputable wedding furniture hire in Perth. If possible, find a company that provides a comprehensive party solution that includes all the equipment you need for the wedding. One such example is Swan Event Hire. This party hire company has been in operation for several decades in Perth, which specializes in weddings, birthdays, corporate events and other major occasions.